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August 11, 2012
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I would usually wake up in the morning and expect another piano lesson from one of my greatest, but also strictest teacher ever. Mr. Roderich Edelstein or Mr. Austria is what I liked to call him. My mother made me take piano lessons, and a friend of hers suggested him. As I said before, Mr. Austria was an excellent piano teacher, and he's been my piano teacher ever since I was a young girl. Since he's very strict, he makes me wake up every morning at 6AM and come over to his house and have our piano lessons. Today was the exact opposite.

I slept in, and I was also running a bit late. "Crap, I'm late! I'm late!" I whispered to myself as I burst out of my house and made a sprint for Mr. Austria's household. I jump over a few fences and trespass through Mr. Austria's neighbors' property. After I ran the ten blocks to his house, I busted through the door. "Sorry I'm late, Mr. Austria! I'm ready for my piano lessons!" I panted.

I expected Mr. Austria yell at me for being so late again and give me the ten minute lecture of why I should sleep earlier at night, but instead I see Italy grab my arm tightly and also see his retarded but cheery smile.

"(Name)! Ciao! I'm so glad you're here! Welcome!" He delightfully greeted me with a kiss on both my cheeks. "Here, let me hold these," He grabs my piano book from my hands and sets them on the table next to him.

"Italy! I missed you so much!" I joyously greeted him while he hugs me to death and I hug him back.  "Are you visiting Mr. Austria and Mrs. Hungary?" I asked.

"Si! I am visiting them! But Mr. Austria told me to come and get you while he prepares his things." Italy's smile vanishes away from his face and a worried look replaces it.

"What happened?" I asked him. Italy didn't reply or move a muscle from his face. He just looked straight and continued to escort me to where Mr. Austria was.

As we reached the doors that lead to the room where Mr. Austria was in, Italy turns to me for a second to give me a goodbye hug and again kiss me on both my cheeks. Go figure. "Goodbye, (Name). I have to go; my fratello must be missing me. Also," He handed me a small black box. Oh lord I hope this isn't a promise ring. "Inside the box is something you will need later on." He explained. Thank God! "See you again!" He quickly made a dash for the door and disappeared in the next second.

"Bye, Italy!" I said as my voice echoes into the room. I focused my attention to the door in front of me and slowly turned the door handle. I peeked inside to see what was happening. All I saw was Austria in some sort of tuxedo instead of his regular Mozart getup. He was writing something on multiple pieces of papers scattered around on a table.

I made just enough room for my hand to slip through the door and knock. "Hello, Mr. Austria?" I said.

He looked up from his work space. "Oh, (Name)! Come in, Come in!" I stepped into the room which smelled like crap. I tried to breathe through my mouth, and I didn't leave the door closed so the smell would be gone from this room. "(Name), could you please close the door?" Mr. Austria asked.

I gulped. "S-Sure," I replied. How can he handle the stench of this foul odor? "Mr. Austria, I got a few questions to ask you," I asked.

Mr. Austria looked up. "Sure, what do you need to ask me?"

I looked from left to right and pinched my nose. "For once, why is there a foul odor in this room?" I asked with a Steve Urkle voice.

"Oh, that! England is cooking." He replied with a smile. Oh Lord. He better not be making those scones again.

"Second, why are you dressed in a tuxedo? Are you going somewhere?" I asked.

His eyes looked concerned. He got up from his chair and went up to me slowly. He had a sad look on his face and He grabbed my shoulders and looked me in the eye. "(Name), I'm going to a wedding today and also to attend a funeral. My flight leaves in three hours and I'm afraid I can't continue the piano lessons for five months."

I sighed. Who's going to teach me for five months? "Mr. Austria, why do you have to go to a wedding and a funeral? Who's going to teach me for five months?"

"I was paid and invited to lead the orchestra for the Wedding, same for the funeral." He replied while dusting off dirt from his gloves.

"Okay, but who's going to teach me for five months while you're gone?" I asked.

Mr. Austria went back to sit at his desk while he told me come over to where he is. "While I'm gone, I asked my friend's son to come and teach you the piano lessons. He is a gentle young man and he appears to be the same age as you so I guess you can communicate better with him." He explains.

Wait, hold up. A boy the same age as me? No way! But Mr. Austria would never change his mind about him. If he is really gentle, then I guess he's okay. "What is this boy's name?" I curiously asked.

"Vladimir," He sternly said. "His name is Vladimir."  Mr. Austria repeats.

"Does he have any last name?" I suggested.

"Nothing that I know of," He replies.

"Hm…Vladimir… what an interesting name…" I mumble. I swear this name is familiar to me. "Is he from Russia?" I asked.

"Actually, he's Romanian." Mr. Austria gave out a cough before continuing his sentence. This boy gets familiar and familiar by the second. "Now (Name), try not to upset the boy. He can't really control his anger, and most of his self-control gets underhand."

"Really? Why is that?" I question.

"I don't particularly know," He shoves his glasses back into his nose. He lets out a deep sigh before signing me to come and look at one of his papers. He then points at one of the pictures on the paper. It showed a picture of a handsome young boy that seems fairly familiar.

"This is Vladimir. Though this picture was taken when he was a small boy, but he could be different now since he's older," He says while he points at the picture.

"I swear he looks familiar…" I mumble. This boy…even if the picture is in black and white, I can faintly recognize this boy by the way he smiles and how his jaw is a little bit crooked.

"I don't know about you, but my flight leaves in two hours. I got to go. Bye, (Name)! I'll see you in five months and try not to upset Vladimir!" He grabs his luggage and waves bye to me while going out the door.

"Bye Mr. Austria! Have a safe flight!" I waved back as Mr. Austria enters the taxi-cab. Once he left the house, I look over to the picture of Vladimir as a child and looked very suspicious at it.
:bulletred: Requested by :iconmyrnamaeve:

*chuckles* LOL, a sweet vampire that can play piano. XD Yes, Romania can play piano. Get over it. (Itís romantic like that)

Okaaay, This request will be divided up in a bunch of parts, so... I don't know when the next part will be up. Okay? Good.

...comment if possible.

Part 1: :star:
Part 2: [link]
Part 3: [link]

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconrapefaceromaniaplz:
Story (c) ME
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"I don't know about you, but my flight leaves in two hours. I got to go."

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Me: what is that foul odor? *pinching my nose*
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